About Us

Assistant Instructor Grace L. Kriegisch is a 7th degree Black Belt with over 20 years of practical martial arts training and is a certified instructor in children’s martial arts with over 15 years experience in teaching classes for children age 2 to 6 years. Furthermore, Ms. Grace is an assistant instructor in Tai Chi for over 5 years.

Chief Instructor Michael J. Kriegisch is a 9th degree Black Belt with over 45 years of practical martial arts training and teaching experience. Mr. Kriegisch has also trained in Okinawa, Japan with Grandmaster Seikichi Odo. In addition, Hanshi Kriegisch has trained extensively in the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi Chuan with many well known Tai Chi masters.

Here’s what makes our school so special:

  • We network with the best martial arts consultants in the industry to help us keep up with the latest innovations and ideas to help our school grow.
  • Our consultants research the science and psychology of children to help us provide our students with the best possible training and generate maximum results.
  • We’ve made all of our programs age-specific so you know that your child is getting the best, most effective training available.
  • We are dedicated to provide you with a highly trained staff that is motivated and educated.

Here’s what our programs are all about:

We use The Stages of Childhood Development™ to design our age-specific programs and train our staff. From these stages, we were able to break down the growth and development of children at every age, targeting their characteristics physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. With this information readily available to use, we can help maximize each student’s learning and growing experience through our age-specific classes.

Our success record speaks for itself. We strongly believe in serving each individual student, and the specific needs he or she may have. If you want an accredited, professional education center, to provide enjoyable Martial Arts training for you, your child, or your entire family…then our school is the school for you.

Kriegisch Martial Arts is endorsed by Shuman Concepts, Inc. The age-specific programs offered at KMA include the latest research in the science and psychology on the growth and development of children.

Researched and Developed by Shuman Concepts, Inc.