Helping Your Child Succeed In Martial Arts

Every parent knows that success in everything their child does, as a youth is important for success in adult life. Parents have a tremendous influence on how far their child can go. Here are 6 tips to help encourage success your child’s martial arts training:

  1. Communicate With The School

    Participating in a consistent streamline of communication is a significant way to be a positive advocate for your child’s success. Most martial arts schools begin classes after 3 P.M. each day, so if you can arrange 1 hour, 4 days out of the year to speak about your child’s progress, you will notice dramatic results. If you cannot meet in person, arrange for a phone conference at least 4 times per year.

    How to Prepare For The Conference:
    • Think about what you want to accomplish during the conference time.
    • Write down your questions.
    • Be aware that communication is the key. Be friendly and not defensive about your child or your role as a parent.
    • Don’t end the conference until you have your questions answered and appropriate learning strategies have been determined.

  2. Get Involved With Your Child’s Training At Home

    Parents can become active partners in their child’s training through home activities. A regular practice time at least 3 days a week will help build your child’s skills and teach them good habits that will last a lifetime. Become involved with your child’s training by reviewing what they are learning in class, and what they need to practice at home in order to progress. You are important to this process, not so much in helping with the daily practice, but for the motivation and support that will encourage your child to make high achievements.

    Here Are Some Tips For Home Practice:
    • Talk with your child and set a regular training regiment at home that is consistent every week.
    • Provide your child with a training area free from television, radio, or any other distractions. This area should be “off limits” to other children when your child is practicing.
    • Have materials available for your child to practice with. Materials such as a small kick bag, targets, shields, etc.
    • Keep a daily log of how long your child practiced, what he or she practiced on, and some small goals that your child accomplished during practice. This log will become helpful during conferences with your child’s instructor and will teach your child some valuable organizational skills.

  3. Get Involved With Your Own Training At The School

    When you as a parent participate in the martial arts, or another related activity such as kickboxing you will reinforce the value and importance of training. You will experience some of the same self-development lessons that your children are experiencing, which will bring you to a higher understanding of their training.

  4. Volunteer At School Events

    Ask your child’s instructor if there are ways that you can help at the school. By volunteering in special events you can contribute in the best way possible, with your time. When your child sees you put time and effort into activities related to them, they find a connection that immediately bonds their activity with yourself. This is a great opportunity for camaraderie with your child, and has more value and benefits than expected.

  5. Get Your Friends and Family Involved In The School

    The more friends and family that are participating in your martial arts school, the more you have that everyone can relate to. There is a great saying “the family that kicks together, sticks together”. This saying can relate to anything that friends and family do together.

  6. Stay Updated On Your Child’s Training and Read All Material That The School Gives You

    Always keep up with the latest updates from the school including the monthly newsletter, calendar and topic of the month. It is also important to read the Orientation Manual provided upon registration. This way, you can help your child target their practice time to what they are working on in class. Also, keep up with any special events and schedule changes.