Program Info

All classes are divided into age appropriate groups. The primary division is between children (ages 2 – 13) and teenager/adult (ages 14 and up). The children’s classes are further divided to account for age, size, and attention span.

Karate is great for kids! A very important facet of the children’s martial arts program is the education of the youthful participants in important life skills. We take the responsibility of developing our future leaders of Ryukyu Hon Kenpo very seriously. It is for that reason that we emphasize character development and academic achievement in our kid’s programs.

Classes for Children

Baby Cats: 

(Ages 2-2½):

The Baby Cats Program is an interactive class specifically designed for children age 2 to 2½ and their parents to explore the martial arts and discover for themselves the life skills and positive influence provided in our classes. This innovative program is specifically designed to teach toddlers not only motor skills but also how to interact in a group environment and follow the instruction from a teacher in a fun and playful setting. While it is instructional in nature, the program uses a “positive dialog response” method so children always feel successful.

The key element of Baby Cats is that it is an interactive program that depends on the participation of the adult attending with the child to provide positive reinforcement along with the instructor. This insures that every class is fun and educational for kids and adults alike. Best of all, Baby Cats is a real age-appropriate karate class led by an experienced instructor who understands children and how to keep them engaged. Every segment is focused on either practicing a karate move, a life skill or both.

 An 8-week introductory course for 2 to 2½ yr. olds offered periodically throughout the year. Times and dates TBA.

Adult participation is required.

Tiger Cats:

(Ages 3-4):

Our specialized Tiger Cats program includes age-appropriate material that was designed to target the stages of development in children age 3 and 4. Age-specific training can help maximize the effectiveness of martial arts by enabling students to learn in a manner that is most appropriate for their age. This program was professionally developed to teach children important life skills in a fun and entertaining way. We like to call it “Edu-tainment”, educating while entertaining. Using martial arts skills to teach life lessons has never been so much fun! Through this program, each child will build gross motor skills that are important to have as they enter the Advanced Tiger Cat Program. This program also works on age-specific behavioral lessons to help each child learn and grow the best.

Advanced Tiger Cats:

(Ages 5-6):

Children between the ages of 5 and 6 are in a stage of their life in which they will build certain behaviors and characteristics based on their environment, however they are also capable of learning more advanced martial arts drills and skills than children who are slightly younger. At this stage students are also introduced to kumite (sparring) and board breaking. We target these skills and maximize the development results through age-appropriate drills and teaching methods. As with children making the transition from preschool to kindergarten and finally to first grade this is a gradual process in the martial arts also. Our Advanced Tiger Cats Program keeps your child involved in the positive influence of the martial arts and not become frustrated when making the move from Tiger Cats to the Karate Kids Program. This program sets the foundation for their growth and development not only in the martial arts but also
throughout their entire childhood.

Prep Kids:

(Ages 7-9):

This program was designed to target the skills that children this age are primarily developing. These skills include: concentration, courage, perseverance, intensity, speed, agility, technique, and flexibility. In the Karate Kids Prep Course, we work on these skills, as we continue teaching the basic fundamentals, katas (forms) and self-defense techniques that are unique to our martial arts style. In this, as in all our classes, we stress a “No Quit” attitude as we encourage and guide our students to set goals and work consistently toward achieving them. This consistency in class and the success of our students is also largely dependent on their parents who insure that the children attend classes regularly and make up missed classes in a timely manner so as not to fall behind in their training. This program is a must for 7 to 9 year olds!

Karate Kids:

(Ages 10-13):

This dynamic program focuses on teaching children martial arts in a way that emphasizes a healthy body and mind. Children continue to build upon and refine their skills in the traditional martial arts training that was begun in the Prep Course, along with additional dynamic components which include sparring, board breaking, physical development, and mental development- all areas that are fun to learn and at the same time dramatically enhance the abilities of each student physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Whether your child is very shy, or extremely outgoing, this age-specific program blends a healthy balance of lessons and training that will make a dramatic difference as they enter their teenage years.

Classes for Teens and Adults

Karate is great for teens and adults! Teens will hear no talk of “getting even” or intimidating others. Our goal is to teach integrity, soundness of body and life direction. Adults develop a well-balanced, self-confident personality and the ability to avoid conflict but have the skills to defend when necessary.

T/A Class:

(2 classes per week) For ages 14 and up.